Cripple Magic: Destroying the Illusion of Self-Sufficiency

This post comes with a warning that it might appear contradictory. That’s not just because I’m a contrary sod, but is in fact because I intend to challenge some fundamental assumptions about certain concepts. I am, in case you didn’t realise, a cripple. This a self-identifying term which has arisen out of pejorative connotations applied […]

My Personal Stance on Culture, Ethnicity, Heathenry & Cold Albion

Originally posted on Tumblr – here for posterity: anonymous asked: was your culture/ethnicity any inspiration to your path in heathenry? Bluntly? Nope. Not at all. I’ve repeatedly commented that the Lwa told me my ancestors were waiting for me, but that’s nothing so crude as culture or ethnicity. These are modern ideas, to my eyes. My […]

Not All Realities Are Equal

While I was away last weekend, it appears that the much esteemed Pete Carroll wrote something against necromancy, and by extension, ancestor veneration in some senses. I encourage you all to read it here. I’ve a great deal of respect for Mr Carroll’s work – my copy of LIBER KAOS is covered in notes, and […]


what even i wonder is such a thing as this for? what purposeless source does this reveal like rune to mouth to estuary to god for it is not even water rippling on the shore smoke on the wind or roots down deep in dark earth instead being of shaped light and someone else’s dreams […]

Hidden Courts & Companies: Getting the Band Together

All magic – all Life – is influential. It’s simply not possible to exist in a vacuum, because any thing will affect another thing. As part of an interconnected whole, we’re all at the mercy of the larger kosmos. So when we talk about magick and influence, that ‘k’ has an affect. Because somewhere along […]

Not A War But A Rescue Mission: Heathenry, Gnosis & Liberation

Not all sick men are utterly wretched: Some are blessed with sons, Some with friends, some with riches, Some with worthy works. The halt can manage a horse, the handless a flock, The deaf be a doughty fighter, To be blind is better than to burn on a pyre: There is nothing the dead can […]

Tellurian Gothic: An Addendum

I messed up and typo-ed principle instead of primitive in the previous post. It’s since been corrected. Sorry Gordon, my bad. I do want to raise something brought up in the comments though. And I’m not wrong. You’ve mistaken a suburban obsession with old timey country wisdom -and a cosplay fetishisation of taking grimoire ingredients […]

Tellurian Gothic: Stones & Bones

I was originally going to call this one Tellurian Gothick and the ‘k’ would have been important, like the ‘k’ is supposedly important in magick. Then, I realised that would make me a bit of a pretentious knob. I mean, what kind of person goes round adding extra ‘k’s to perfectly good words in order […]

Blood Whispers

I In beginning this, we must understand that there is no beginning. In understanding, we must accord ourselves certain latitudes; we are after all amidst the chaos of the normal. Such chaos is, in point of fact, borne of certain curvatures and shapings of which we are not, at least initially, entirely cognizant. We perceive […]

Vagabond Mysteries: Not Begging Your Pardon

Over at The Starry Cave   Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold has a really interesting post entitled The Spiritual Beggar And The Work With The Spirits. As usual, with Frisvold’s work, it’s really thought provoking, and in turn, got me thinking about a specific area I loosely term Vagabond Mysteries. There’s a long tradition of itinerant magicians and sorcerers […]