Most magicians/spirit-workers/witches/occultists (a large proportion of those who self-identify as such in the West) do not realise that a fundamental longterm change in epistemology, ontology, ‘conciousness’ and awareness is necessary and inevitable if you’re not just playing mental masturbation games.

You are – you become – pitted against fundamental logocentric, trancendentalist/escapist  ‘progressive’ and materialist ontology which forms the basis of Western culture, which requires massive deconditioning to even achieve.. It’s not just about going ‘into trance’ or ‘doing astral work.’

You can’t switch it on and off – it’s not yours to switch off, to lock away when things become uncomfortable. Not just your personal fantasy playground. It’s bigger than you, wilder than you, and it will fuck you up. When indigenous societies say this shit can kill you, or drive you mad or steal your soul?

They’re completely fucking right. That’s not just ‘primitive superstition’ but a fact of existence in a living Kosmos. It’s not a fucking role-playing game, any more than a disaster-porn movie is anything like a real tsunami or a nuclear explosion or an asteroid strike.

So the question is – are you prepared to risk everything you think you are, to take your place in this Weird and Terribly Awful universe?

Would you know more, or what?