\”When people told themselves their past with stories, explained their present with stories, foretold the future with stories, the best place by the fire was kept for the storyteller.\”

– Jim Henson\’s  \’The Storyteller\’

Stories are one of the oldest forms of communication, of communion. Narratives and rhythms which evoke a deep response, they entertain and inform, revealing the path we have travelled to reach the moment of the Now. They are an integral part of being human. Here you will find some of my efforts written down, though the truth of it is that they were always meant to be heard, as if the voice calls out across the ages.

The skald, the bard and the tale-teller, all these are crafters of wonder, thaumaturgists and weavers of strange sights in the air before the audience!

You can, of course, recall the ease with which you allow yourself to be drawn into narratives, whether they be cinema, television, or even a sports-game. Add to this the memory of the stories told to you in your early days, be they in books, cartoons or anything similar, and you might say that you are not so different from the ancients who gathered about a fire to hear a tale or two…

THE NIGHT BEFORE – A strange piece that hints at an initiation into an ancient cult, or perhaps merely a tale told the night before battle to stir into frenzy. What do you think?

FIRST EYES – Everyone thinks they know what Love at First Sight means. But what happens when it\’s two sorcerers who might just be gods as well?

AND SHE RODE THE WOLF – How a Stranger might change everything, even by doing nothing.

BIRTH OF THUNDER – A tale written to thank the Thunderer for breaking a stifling heatwave.

SATI – Sometimes it takes death to set you free.