Back I fall
Into my Angel\’s embracing Flesh
And yet I wonder

(\’Midst feather\’d cloak
So wreathed in misty shadows,
With frozen Northern lights all icy blue)

Is it I that am followed?
Or do I seek, with shaking body
Another elder way?

To strive to cross
The darkest gulfs
The ever-changing land

The farthest oceans
Of dreaming Mind
Edged by nightblack sand.

Yet still,
As ebon feathers brush my cheek
I know not the name of what I seek

Tis the Silent Watcher\’s tongue
His hooded masque
The knife-thin grin

So full of teeth
With crimson joy –
Lit darkly bright

Speaks wolf and bear
Twin raven words
Voices all a-caw

Red on snow
In tearing tooth –
And shredding,sharpened claw.

So thus I stand
Kicking \’neath bough
That braces bowers of men and gods

Dangling in daimon-hide
Dancing spastic
Frosty jig

A fruiting corpse
The child of Ygg –
Plunging down to Hel.

\’Pon darkened wings
Thus I glide
O\’er all the graves to feed

(The long-gone wisdom quickens
Inside the freezing blood
Flesh gulped greedy)

I\’ll crack the bones
I\’ll read the runes
Risted redly in the marrow

Of ancient men,
To taste their tales
And bring them back

To make their voices sing
Old songs of power and of strength
To soothe the roaring hate

And at the end of All
I\’ll stand,
And slip the bonds of Fate.