Other Wyrdness

This is a catch-all category for those pieces which boil down to the odd writings of automatism and mystic experience, streams of consciousness not easily boxed in any other section. It remains here, solely as an archive, an attempt to be true to the notion of a central space for the work.

It is not enough to simply dismiss such things, for they are also part of the creative process, as integral to it as the structured narratives found elsewhere precisely because of the notion that there is no distinction between word and wyrd. No difference betwixt the voice and the speaker, the skill and the master, the wielder and the weapon – this is held as an absolute here – for what emerges from the mouth comes forth from the whole body.

MIRAGE:CITY OF VEILS – Originally appeared in John Russell\’s FROZEN TEARS III


THE TAO OF PARADOX – Appeared in the Spring Equinox 2006 edition of Silverstar, the journal of the Horus-Maat Lodge.