I was having a discussion with Jack Faust over on tumblr, regarding Pre-Socratic philosophy. What started out as a comment on modern Philosophy, got oddly ranty, and produced the below. The original context is here.


\”Yes Philosophers should study weird shit. Because we’re supposed to love Wisdom.

We’re supposed to desire Hir, like the Sun loves the Moon, like the Heavens love the Earth. Like Gaea and Ouranos. To lift back the veil and kiss the goddamn Bride who is the World-Soul and take her amidst vines and woods and drumbeats.

We’re supposed to descend through the Halls of Night, into the depths of Hades, to pass into the mountain with deadly sobriety to woo the Queen.

We’re supposed  to make Kings and Queens and Gods of mortals with our Love, to ensnare them in endless revelries beneath the hollow hills, to ride fierce and terrible wolves and soar through  the air in a cavalcade of howling glory.

We’re supposed to have carnal, biblical, gnostic knowledge of the kosmos!

We’re supposed to inspire and be inspired by, to breathe both the pre and the post-celestial One breath, and use it to sing songs of kindness and wrath over all Creation – to soothe heal, and harm.  We’re supposed to want to nourish the Soul and ease the Spirit.

To waken from sleep, stretch out our hands High Above, and Deep Below, and grab the balls of the Demiurge and say:

\”Listen sunshine, I have died before I died.

I’m a child of Eternity, just like you.

I am the offspring of the High, Just as High, and Third.

I have severed my head and cast it beyond the stars. Your time is bloody well up. Now move over and, shut up and let a Primordial Man Work.

If you’re nice to me, I may even Let You Help.”

So, yes I say again.