This was supposed to be posted on Tuesday, but didn\’t take for some reason. Oh well, now you have an inaugural audio introduction rather than anything else, but  I think it\’s an exciting thing to play with, don\’t you?

Of course, you may realize I mean audio in general as well as the voice in all its variety, with its pauses and repetitions; all its little shifts in pitch and tone. After all, the day we learn to talk is the day we learn to refine our baby cries even further into precise mechanisms for getting our ideas into other people\’s heads, into getting what we want done, done.

Communication changes things and you don\’t have to be an expert in advertising to be aware of that, or have any expertise in linguistics to begin to realize it. The issue isn\’t whether you\’ve got a psychology or linguistics degree, or even any formal training, and in fact sometimes it\’s better not to have any because theory can get in the way of the obvious.

Because the obvious is horribly mundane – that you can tell someone\’s emotional state from the sound of their voice or the way they\’re standing. You can tell if someone\’s stressed by the way they hold themselves; how comfortable they are by how they sit, or how defensive they\’re feeling.

What\’s more, these things have the proven effectiveness of evolution. Without them one might die in a very messy way, and the fact that you\’re here today is certainly down to your ancestors not dying in a very messy way. Or at least, not doing so before they did the squelchy.

This then, is something of an experiment – a chunk of audio within the span of six minutes; recorded on an Android mobile in the wee small hours – a piece, if you will, of direct thought; an opening and beginning. What I hope to achieve is something akin to a demonstration of the raw brain-product, the way words are laid down, one in front of the other, to take you somewhere interesting, as they do me.

I say this because, for me, each of these pieces is following a path, moving in a certain way as I plot my course by landmarks in the spaces of thought, the call of something that catches my interest, the scent of it on the air.  Now as you listen to what I\’m saying, bear that in mind; and if you wish you can allow yourself to spot possibilities in all of the pauses – they\’re certainly not being all tied up.

Without further ado:

VI in VI minutes vol I