Let us consider the dual nature of the Art in which we deal. Its symbolism acknowledges duality, as an understanding thereof. For those of us who find the secrets of our Souls to be potent and seductive Mysteries of the most ancient kind, we are presented with a set of thought processes and operations which place us in opposition to the status quo.

This is not a choice, but rather occurs due to the shadow cast by that status quo itself.

For us, it is known that from the Many give birth to the One. This is the path of the Cornucopia, the Sensorium of Flesh Beyond Flesh – that the Body is inside the Soul. For us, there is no vice in flesh, in blood, in sex or in death. No distant Lawmaker holds us to account. Our laws are the laws of immanence, not transcendence.

So it is that we consider the archetypes frozen codifications – as dry and dusty as a centuries old taxonomy. Yet when we speak of the Black Man, or the Red Woman – or in less gendered terms, the Black Sun and Red Moon, are we not speaking of archetypes?

I say not. I say we speak of sentient sigils, living symbols that are emergent and emerging – constantly. They are inexhaustible Mysteries, which when one inclines one\’s mind toward them, provide succour, strength – and more importantly wisdom. For wisdom is nothing but the ability and use of power to achieve maximal effectiveness.

This then is the Primal Dyad – the Shadow of the Monad. But from that Dyad springs yet more, each conjugal conjuration creating endless children. Each of these children, in the moment of conception, that orgasmic annihilation springs forth from a state of sacred in-betweeness. It is known then, that all things spring from this place. Where is that space within the Monad?

To put it another way – from the darkness springs the light. It is this darkness which we embrace, that floods our veins, lets us sink our roots deep into the shadowy underworld. Consider therefore, the nature of these two symbols, to be etched on the gates below.

As it has long been said:

\”Zazas, Zazas, Nasatanada Zazas!\”