Mama’s Big Table Animist Dinner Party Is A Carnival

At a dinner party, there are many dishes and many guests. Conversation flows, along with the drinks, and relationships are formed and re-fomed. This is the metaphor you need to keep in mind for this post, the central axis about the whole thing turns. It’s being front-loaded like this, precisely because it’s something I want […]

Gnostic Infidels?

The Greek word pistis is not at all what we understand by believing; it means the loyalty to the fact of the experience. – Carl Jung Pistis is also translated as faith, which is in the sense of being faithful. Having faith in a deity is being faithful to the fact of their existence, which is […]

Find The Art & Not The Pop

Not content with me residing in a morphine-based haze, Gordon’s  gone and done a number on the back of my brain with his post entitled “They Live In The Starlight.” Go and read it, because I can’t be arsed re-contextualising it fully. Suffice to say, his remarks about following the wrong birds and hence not […]