Thoughts on mythic morality

(Disclaimer/CN: This post discusses such things as depictions of rape, theft, murder, kinslaying and incest. None of what of what I write here should be taken as approval of, or apologia in relation to these acts.)“You look at trees and called them ‘trees,’ and probably you do not think twice about the word. You call […]

VI on the Rendering Unconscious Podcast

Hello folks. I’ve been extraordinarily quiet, but some of the things I’ve been working on will soon be available to the public. Tonight I was interviewed by Dr. Vanessa Sinclair for the RENDERING UNCONSCIOUS Podcast. Join us, herein, where I she lets me talk, ramble, loop and riff about #cripkult, myth, disability writing, and things that are […]

Mama’s Big Table Animist Dinner Party Is A Carnival

At a dinner party, there are many dishes and many guests. Conversation flows, along with the drinks, and relationships are formed and re-fomed. This is the metaphor you need to keep in mind for this post, the central axis about the whole thing turns. It’s being front-loaded like this, precisely because it’s something I want […]

Mother’s Words

This blog isn’t dead, y’know? Neither am I – just missing half a foot, expertly removed by a team of surgeons led by a South Asian-extracted flesh-wizard whose last name means doing/getting. The health problems that have plagued me, apparently solved by skill with the knife. The name seems a little on the nose, if you […]

Gnostic Infidels?

The Greek word pistis is not at all what we understand by believing; it means the loyalty to the fact of the experience. – Carl Jung Pistis is also translated as faith, which is in the sense of being faithful. Having faith in a deity is being faithful to the fact of their existence, which is […]

Cripple Magic: Adapting Ritual Magic For The Physically Disabled

This came to my attention earlier, on this scorching hot day in Albion. So as my first faltering steps towards Occult Uncle (Agony) , here’s my slightly sweaty response to a rather important question that’s close to my heart: So I’m curious, how does a person with physical disabilities perform movement intensive rituals like the […]

Honoured Dead

One flower for each person who died within 6 weeks of ATOS finding them fit to work. Photo by #WheelchairAccessible — Tamsin Rosewell folk (@autumnrosewell) July 12, 2016 May they rest, May they rage, May they strengthen The arms of the living Against injustice, May they harden resolve As their memory remains May they […]