Welcome to COLD ALBION

It lies under the stewardship of a fellow who goes by the name of VI, or if you’re feeling formal Mr. VI.  A number for a name is certainly a strange thing, but then strangeness is his business. Writer, philosopher, poet and sorcerer – all these have been applied to him and none can provide a complete definition.

(Which is how he likes it.)

An inveterate freelance storyteller and barbarian myth maker, he conceived COLD ALBION in a welter of furious inspiration. Designed to be more than a website, or a blog, this space is a gathering place for his work and the undercurrents that move it.

It is with great hope that the things here are presented to the world; a crossroads and doorway marked out in the echoes of art and story, myth and magic. Please feel free to explore at your leisure – the place is always expanding, growing like a tree grows from a seed; creaking as cold Northern winds blow through the Wildwood and shriek across old, misty mountains and darkened moors.

Be seeing you.